About Us

Hi, I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Debora and I live in sunny San Diego with my beautiful fiancΓ©e Sara. Today I want to tell you why I started A Drop of Rainbow Store, the one-stop shop for all LGBTQA stationery!

I felt like something was missing – products designed specifically with the LGBTQA community in mind.

It seemed like there was a need in the market for this kind of product, so I decided to create my own stationery store, A Drop of Rainbow. We provide an array of unique stationery products, from notepads and notebooks to cards and stickers. We also offer custom design services, so you can create your own personalized stationery.

It's my hope that with A Drop of Rainbow, we can continue to make the world a more accepting place, a drop of rainbow at a time. 🌈