What Pride Means To Me (Debora)

What Pride Means To Me (Debora)

Pride is essential to me for so many reasons, but let’s start with the basics: I’m a queer Brazilian immigrant about to marry an incredible French woman and start our little family in the good ol’ USA. If that’s not a beautiful, rainbow-colored melting pot of love, I don’t know what is!

Pride is more than just a celebration; It represents the courage to be true to myself in a world that often tells us to hide. When I think of starting a family with my future wife, I see a future filled with love, acceptance, and the freedom to be ourselves.

Pride reminds me that our love story is valid and that our family deserves to live openly and joyfully. It’s a beacon of hope that tells us we’re not alone, and that there’s a community ready to stand with us.

Being part of Pride is a way to honor those who fought for our rights and to ensure our children grow up in a world that celebrates diversity. It’s about creating a space where we can thrive without fear.

For me, Pride is a powerful affirmation of who I am, who I love, and the family I am building. It’s a beautiful reminder that we all deserve happiness, respect, and equality.

Happy Pride Month! 


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